Century-class starship from behind

welcome to OLYMPUS

The USS Olympus, NCC-79631, is a Play-by-Post RPG based out of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38. Upon arriving in the Delta Quadrant via the Solarian Gate, the Olympus engaged the Borg at the Battle of the Round Table. A furious melee to defend the gateway to the Alpha Quadrant, the battle would cost the lives of countless Starfleet officers. Among them were the Captain of the Olympus, along with several of her staff. With the destruction of the Solarian Gateway, the ship's former XO, Elgor Rae, is thrust into the role of command. For now, there would be no backup; no new ships, no new officer with four pips on their collar to take the center chair. They would make do with what they had. A decade ago the starship Voyager crossed the galaxy to return home, so too would Task Force 38 and the Olympus.